Customization Sticks fails on 13.1.0 & 12.1.0 for XO-1

Holt holt at
Sat Mar 9 12:05:49 EST 2013

As we're leaving to a 250 XO-1 deployment in Haiti within days, George 
Hunt & I were fine-tuning Nick Doiron's Haiti customization stick of 19 
Sugar Activities ( ) only to 
discover no longer works 
on Release 13.1.0 and 12.1.0.

Attached Screenshot JPG shows Customization Stick failing on 13.1.0, 
also transcribed here:

     Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "/init", line 32, in do_in_child
         try: work()
       File "/init", line 53, in unpack_bundles
         lout(['/bin/mkdir', '-p', v])
       File "/", line 118, in lout
         raise CalledProcessError(ret, cmd)
     CalledProcessError: Command '['/bin/mkdir', '-p', 
'/sysroot/home/olpc/.bootanim']' returned non-zero
      exit status 1
     Bundle installation complete; powering off in five seconds.

Release 12.1.0 shows the same error, /falsely announcing "Bundle 
installation complete"./

Is this resolvable?  We'd rather not, but we'll revert to Release 11.3.1 
if nec, the last OS where 
works.  Screenshot of success (on Release 11.3.1) attached to illustrate 
normal working behavior.  (Showing a new activity installing every 
second or few as desired, scrolling one per line, right before powering 

All tips appreciated, cheers & thanks!

Help kids everywhere map their world, at

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