VIDEO testing on XO 1.75

Tom Parker tom at
Fri Mar 8 04:11:58 EST 2013

On 08/03/13 17:00, tkkang at wrote:
> Managed to install the two RPM on a XO 1.75 and do some testing. Thanks
> for the support.
> gstreamer-plugins-marvell-0.10-3.olpc.armv7hl.rpm
> libvmeta-marvell-005-1.olpc.armv7hl.rpm
> Now able to see videos on Youtube at 360p setting. Not smooth.
> Tested some  *.ogv with Jukebox with some small size files. Better now
> with ocassional stop.
> When the *.OGV is large I have not been able to  run it.
> At least some improvement. What else I need to run to optimise video
> playback?

What are you using to play your ogv and youtube videos? I never had much 
luck with jukebox or with browse. Whaawmp works well.

Can you share an example ogv video that you are having trouble with?

If you use youtube-dl you can get the video files youtube serves, but 
the version of youtube-dl in f17 doesn't work anymore so you'll have to 
download the latest version.

$ wget
$ chmod +x youtube-dl

$ ./youtube-dl -f 22 ahv_1IS7SiE
$ whaawmp ahv_1IS7Sie.mp4

The above will download the 720p mp4 version of the video from youtube 
(in this case 120MB or so) and play it with whaawmp. My XO-1.75 running 
12.1.0 plays this files beautifully, don't forget to press f to select 
full screen.

You can get the 360p version (36MB) with the following command:

$ ./youtube-dl -f 18 ahv_1IS7SiE

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