VIDEO testing on XO 1.75

tkkang at tkkang at
Thu Mar 7 23:00:04 EST 2013

Managed to install the two RPM on a XO 1.75 and do some testing. Thanks for the support.


Now able to see videos on Youtube at 360p setting. Not smooth.
Tested some *.ogv with Jukebox with some small size files. Better now with ocassional stop.
When the *.OGV is large I have not been able to run it.

At least some improvement. What else I need to run to optimise video playback?


>James pointed out that your build should be considered newer than build 21 for the purposes of using VMETA to play video. Hopefully this is true.

>Please do a follow-up post to the mailing list with your results. You should be able to play high quality video with the VMETA drivers if the video uses the right codec.
>If you need help getting it to work, the mailing list is the right place to ask.

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