error building oob for XO 1.75

Basanta Shrestha basanta.shrestha at
Wed Mar 6 04:53:37 EST 2013

I am trying to build oob for my xo 1.75. But I am getting following error:
Please help.
Retrieving ...OK
ERROR:root:Error creating Live CD : Failed to find package
'openssh-clients' : No package(s) available to install
 * Caught error, cleanup and then bail out.
 * Running part cleanup base
 * Running part cleanup buildnr_from_file
ERROR: Failure in BuildStage: module base, part,
error code 1
I have following system:
[root at basanta-dev examples]# pwd
[root at basanta-dev examples]# more /etc/redhat-release
Fedora release 14 (Laughlin)
[root at basanta-dev examples]# rpm -qa | grep openssh-clients
[root at basanta-dev examples]# ls
[root at basanta-dev examples]# olpc-os-builder

Basanta Shrestha
OLE Nepal
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