Video on XO 1.75 (URGENT)

Tom Parker tom at
Tue Mar 5 03:41:24 EST 2013

On 05/03/13 17:40, tkkang at wrote:
> I am making the transition from XO 1 to XO 1.75.  I plug in a USB with some *.ogv to play on a FEW new XO1.75 (12.1.0 customised build 10 ). When I click on it some files will play but some would not play at all - as if it is choking!. Run fine on my XO 1.0.

I'm not sure if the VMETA processor will help with .ogv (presumably 
theora codec?) files, but it is worth a try.


These might work in jukebox, but I've had better luck in whaawmp which 
you can get from yum.

I tested these drivers in June last year on build 14, I don't know if 
they will work in build 10, I do know we tested them shortly after some 
necessary changes in the build.

If these drivers work but don't help your video files, you could 
transcode then to a format that is accelerated by the VMETA hardware.

youtube's format 18 videos play well on an XO-1.75 with these drivers, I 

youtube-dl -f 18 <video url>

to get them and then play in a video player. They don't play well in any 
browser I've tried.

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