Video on XO 1.75 (URGENT)

tkkang at tkkang at
Mon Mar 4 23:40:30 EST 2013

I am making the transition from XO 1 to XO 1.75.  I plug in a USB with some *.ogv to play on a FEW new XO1.75 (12.1.0 customised build 10 ). When I click on it some files will play but some would not play at all - as if it is choking!. Run fine on my XO 1.0.

What are the additional (if this required?) steps to make any XO1.75 video playable? Appreciate some help here as this is urgent for a coming deployment.

The XOs we have are SKU228

T.K. Kang

E-mail: tkkang at

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