Issues from my 6-yr-old beta tester.

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Mon Mar 4 13:06:07 EST 2013

The build I installed on my beta-tester's XO4 is about a month old.
I'm hoping the following are known issues, and all I have to do is
update the build.  (Can I use olpc-update to do that?)

* The sound in Scratch and Memorize is scrambled; sound appears to be
piped from /dev/random and "hurts my ears".
* Tam Tam Edit had different sound issues -- the playback cursor
wandered all over the screen when play was pressed, sometimes moving
backwards.  The sound wasn't scrambled, but I'm not convinced that the
sequencing was correct (I forget exactly what the demo is supposed to
sound like, but it didn't sound "right" to me.)
* When you capture a new costume in Scratch using the camera,
everything appears to have a strong yellow cast.

He's also missing the top-right keycap from his crunchy keyboard. He
was very vague about how exactly that happened...

      ( )

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