Corrupted display on XO1.5 when suspended with screen on

Sebastian Silva sebastian at
Fri Jun 21 14:39:43 EDT 2013

Hello OLPC-devels and friends!

We're preparing an updated Operating System image targeted at the Peru 

For a while we've been observing a screen corruption when the XO1.5 goes 
into sleep mode (where the screen remains on, but the computer goes to 

Our image is based on 11.3.1 shipping firmware olpc-firmware-q3c06 (but 
my testing machine has q3c07 and exhibits the same malfunction).

I've looked around the issue tracker but couldn't find a similar issue.

It doensn't always fail but eventually it does, it can take a
few tries to reproduce.

I've attached a picture of the corrupted screen.

Please advice.

Warm regards,
Sugar Labs Platform Team
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