Seeking advice to buy ARM system.

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Jul 25 08:29:57 EDT 2013

basanta wrote:
 > Hi,
 > We are considering buying an ARM system in order to build Operating System
 > Images for XO(1.75 and 4) laptops. Currently we are doing this under
 > virtualization environment using "Fedora-17-armhfp-vexpress" which is very
 > slow.
 > I am seeking some expert advice on which ARM system/board to buy from the
 > list. So far I have been suggested Wandboard quad and Odriod-U2.

i can tell you that OLPC will be just as interested in any data you
collect.  all of our ARM builds to date have been done on a donated
bare evaluation mother board from Marvell, which conveniently has
expandable RAM (3G, i believe) and SATA ports.

i would be inclined to exclude the Odroid board based on lack of SATA,
and both boards you mention are limited to 2G of RAM.  but we've not
done much experimentation, so they might not be completely

the recently announced Utilite ( looks
interesting, but isn't available yet, so who knows?

 paul fox, pgf at

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