[fedora-arm] Seeking advice to buy ARM system.

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 01:59:46 EDT 2013

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 6:54 AM, Basanta Shrestha
<basanta.shrestha at olenepal.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are considering buying an ARM system in order to build Operating System
> Images for XO(1.75 and 4) laptops. Currently we are doing this under
> virtualization environment using "Fedora-17-armhfp-vexpress" which is very
> slow.
> I am seeking some expert advice on which ARM system/board to buy from the
> list. So far I have been suggested Wandboard quad and Odriod-U2.

We don't currently support the Odriod-U2. The Wandboard Quad is likely
a good start and we'll be supporting it in Fedora 20. The other one
that is very similar and we aim to support soon is the Utilite [1]
which is similar specs to the Quad but nicely packaged.



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