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Hi Christoph,

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> Hi again,
> another issue we encountered during today's workshop session was that on 3~4 XO-1s the camera didn't work (all machines are running 12.1.0 with the associated firmware).

Random FWIW, on my XO-1 B4 the camera stopped working (black screen). In this case, it was due to an overly short flat flex cable from the camera to the motherboard, where twisting pressure (opening/closing) on the case could pull the flat flex cable out of the socket enough to loose connection (I think movement of a usb key in one of the two right sockets could also trigger it). In my case sometimes slightly squeezing the case by the camera triggered the camera back into life for a short while. In the end I opened the unit up and firmly reseated the cable. It's been fine since then.

This issue was subsequently fixed, but I'm not sure when.


> The effect in Record is always the same: a grey still image. However when running the hardware self-test 2 of the machines passed the test even though the camera output on the display was total noise. With the other machine or two the self-test failed.
> Since I've never seen issues with the camera before I was wondering whether there was anything we could try beyond verifying that the camera connector is in place (as described at
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