Policy for non-responsive maintainers

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Thu Jan 10 17:12:45 EST 2013

> Ah yes, I ran into this the other day... I'm in the process of making
> lionaneesh (Aneesh Dogra) a co-maintainer for Calculate (after all his
> great patching efforts). ALSO was a quick and easy addition (lionaneesh you
> have developer access to Calculate now if you want to make edits).
> Git.sl.org was not so fun... Apart from rather too well hidden UI for
> adding collaborators, I've only just realised that I only picked up commit
> rights from Reinier Heeres (Calculates original author) so don't have admin
> ability to give lionaneesh commit access.
> I've pinged Reinier off-list in the hopes that he'll either grant me admin
> permissions, or add lionaneesh himself, but it's been a while since I last
> worked with him.
> Regards,
> --Gary
I have the same problem with part of the activities I maintain.

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