"pin" in turtleart-extras.po

s.boutayeb at free.fr s.boutayeb at free.fr
Fri Feb 15 04:34:37 EST 2013


The activity TurtleArt ([1]) has a plugin named "Turtleblock", adding an extra
palette, aimed to control the Butia robot ([2] and [3]). The corresponding
localizable strings are located in turtleart-extras.po ([4], and [5] for the
French strings).

This file turtleart-extras.po has various occurrences of the "pin" term.

msgid "ERROR: The pin must be between 1 and 8"
msgid "hack pin mode"
msgid "pin"
msgid "Select the pin function (INPUT, OUTPUT)."
msgid "write hack pin Butia"
msgid "set a hack pin to 0 or 1"
msgid "read hack pin Butia"
msgid "read the value of a hack pin"
msgid "ERROR: The pin %s must be in OUTPUT mode."
msgid "ERROR: The pin %s must be in INPUT mode."
msgid "pin mode"
msgid "Select the pin function (INPUT, OUTPUT, PWM, SERVO)."

I want to translate this "pin" term and need to understand what it is used for.
Is my assumption that the "hack pins" are readable/writable/settable points with
possible values/modes, correct?



[1] http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4027
[2] http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Turtle_Art#Butia

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