What I have to do for the same?

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Tue Feb 5 05:34:13 EST 2013

Quoting Paul Fox <pgf at laptop.org>:

> pascal at diogoantunes.org wrote:
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>  > No, I put a wrong inittab (may be), and now the XO doesn't run (it
>  > freezes on the chargement animation after 18 points). What can I do?
> please continue to use the mailing list.  that way other people
> besides me can see your questions and can help you.
Sorry, It's a mistake - I clicked on reply, and not on reply to all.
I didn't mean it.

> push and hold the "checkmark" game key while turning on the power.
> this may give more information as to what is happening:
>     http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Startup_Diagnosis#Check-Key_Boot

Great, it works.


> if you cannot boot, you may be able to boot from a a USB stick,
> and rescue your system.  for instance, you might be able to boot
> "puppy linux":
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/PuppyLinux#XOpup.3B_Puppy_Linux_5.1_for_the_XO-1_and_the_XO-1.5
> or, you could simply reinstall the OLPC software.
> paul
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>  > Well, after this, I will test, but at this point I can't do nothing.
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>  > Thanks.
>  > Libere,
>  > Pascal Diogo Antunes.
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>  paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

Pascal Diogo Antunes.

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