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Hi all:

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Updates on my 4 suggestions from midnight 10hrs ago--forgive me for capitalizing names, so we can all focus on getting the very best OS into Sora's hands for Haiti during this home stretch Before Midnight EST Tonight: 

1) SOLVED: GEORGE, please add WikipediaFR 36 which works great, just tested it this morning by launching it from the Journal view of an inserted USB stick! 

Tim said in a previous email that he had done this. I verified. Will wait to generate tar.gz until other issues are resolved. 

2a) GEORGE, In response to Tim's earlier mail, I myself don't yet see Same-Named within . It's vital that it be Same-Named (no 0,1,2 or 4 suffx) in the USB stick /boot to allow manual upgrade of firmware, no matter what legacy firmware exists on each random XO-1, as described here: 

given the potential for error, I re-downloaded the q2f199, and without changing name, copied it up to our boot directory. 

Then when I tar-ed it all up, downloaded, the tar, expanded, I discovered that the presence of the in the boot directory prevented the 4button load (finding the signed OS img using or from working. 

The observation was that It didn't find the image after 4 button startup. Then moved /boot/ to /boot/ , and the img was loaded. 

That suggests that the firmware is not signed. Perhaps ask James if that file is truly signed. What if you use the firmware found in the latest 13.2.0-13 image? Have a look at mktinycore[1], if your using the latest version from git the firmware is being retrieved from what is the official upgrade rsync repo. What if you copy TC's to that should be the latest version retrieved if your using a current snapshot.



2b) GEORGE/TIM. Additionally, forced upgrade to would be truly lovely if we can force the copy of this file to the XO-1's /versions/boot/current/boot/ by hook or by crook during the 1st/2nd bootup after reflashing, if for whatever reason Jerry's TC tricks do not permit this as he'd hoped. 

3) GEORGE/ SORA should tell us which Activities to relegate to List View in addition to Portfolio, Log, Terminal. By default let's have all Activities on the ring/spiral available for exploration, even if the ~50 activities gets a bit crowded, let's give it a shot. Thanks Sora for manually Starring most all activities on your XO-1 business hours today (during your Dulles-MIA flight?) so George has marching orders by Dinnertime Latest Please. 

I'm disappointed, but not surprised, that my first attempt to star all the activities using the /usr/share/sugar/data/activities.default apparently did not work. I'll check it out later today. 

4) TIM/GEORGE. Artistic kids adore TuxPaint we need, as soon as we find a working rpm better than and then layer on or perhaps more likely ? If George/Tim/Curt can any traction at all from Jerry's suggestions here (I have not!) it'd be beautiful: 

Also will play with this later today. I'm going to do a 2 hour bike ride during the warmth of the day. 


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