latest HaitiOS-0.6 very close

Jerry Vonau jvonau at
Wed Dec 18 16:12:53 EST 2013

Hi Tim, 

I'd first see if you can build an image with a stock configuration before you introduce any changes. I'd create a yum repo containing the rpm on the building box, next introduce that yum repo into olpc-os-builder with an entry in the [repos] section of the .ini file. ie:


After your changes run OOB and check the output/packages.txt to see which version was installed.


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>given the potential for error, I re-downloaded the q2f199, and without changing name, copied it up to our boot directory. 
>Then when I tar-ed it all up, downloaded, the tar, expanded, I discovered that the presence of the in the boot directory prevented the 4button load (finding the signed OS img using or from working. 
>The observation was that It didn't find the image after 4 button startup. Then moved /boot/ to /boot/, and the img was loaded. 

I went part way down the road of trying to bundle q2f19 into 21021o0.img, but stopped because I hoped the approach you tried would work. says the os image includes firmware. so I installed olpc-os-builder and had a look at olpc-os-12.1.0-xo1.ini, but I don’t see how to rebuild with the later firmware.

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