adding a new CA root certificate

Samuel Greenfeld greenfeld at
Wed Aug 21 14:13:02 EDT 2013

Unlike Firefox (which has its own PKI and certificate authority support),
Webkit uses the system CA database.

You therefore should add the desired CA to the directory of system CA
certificates, the location of which varies a bit by distribution and

With Fedora 19 (not yet used for a XO laptop release) the new Shared
Systems Certificates feature ( also comes
into play.

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 1:22 PM, Jerry Vonau <jvonau at> wrote:

> Hi all:
> What steps must I take to install a new root CA certificate so Browse
> can use it? When I click on the hyperlink of the certificate it gets
> downloaded to the journal unlike firefox or older Browse where you are
> prompted.
> Thanks for any hints,
> Jerry
> PS, this is a resend of an email that was sent to sugar-devel &
> olpc-devel, this list doesn't like having 2 email addresses in the "To"
> line.
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