13.1.0 development build 2 released

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Sep 15 15:06:43 EDT 2012

dsd at laptop.org said:
> Bug/testing reports accepted and appreciated - either on the appropriate
> trac, or on this list. 

On a XO-1, there are several/many examples in My Settings

  There is no text next to the check-box.

Power, Software Update
  The header is there, but the page/contents aren't.

Switch Desktop:
  The display stuff crashes and restarts Sugar.

Modem, Language:
  You can't exit.  The X and check-mark are too far to the right.  In Modem, 
you can just see (and click) the edge of something.  I have to reboot to get 
out of Language

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