Adobe Flash no longer compatible with XO-1

Jerry Vonau jvonau at
Wed Oct 17 15:03:46 EDT 2012

On Wed, 2012-10-17 at 11:59 -0600, Daniel Drake wrote:
> For XO-1 and XO-1.5, Adobe Flash is easily included in custom OLPC OS
> builds (once you have obtained distribution permission from Adobe -
> seems like they give this out quite readily on request) with the
> [adobe_flash] olpc-os-builder module. (Note that it has never ran
> remarkably well on these platforms, but it works...)
> However, the latest adobe flash version that gets included by this
> method doesn't work on XO-1 ( since it is now compiled
> for processors with SSE support. The XO-1's AMD Geode doesn't have SSE
> (XMM) registers, so it crashes with Illegal instruction. It works OK
> on XO-1.5.
> The error gets swallowed (its not immediately obvious) due to
> nspluginwrapper - but install webkit's GTK2 GtkLauncher and it becomes
> easy to trap the "Illegal instruction" crash in gdb.
> If someone has a link to an Adobe-hosted old version it might be
> useful for others facing this problem. In Nicaragua the team has a
> copy of the old, working file which they will
> install as a workaround.
> Daniel

If is was installed for a while there should be older copies in OOB's
yum cache, check build/cache/imgcreate/adobe/packages/. If present you
should be able to pin the version you want to install in OOB's
modules/adobe_flash/ You could always dig
out the version you want from the cache and place it in a custom repo
and alter the url for adobe to the new repo.

just some thoughts,




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