13.1.0 development build 7 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Oct 17 11:45:51 EDT 2012



Some feature work wasn't completed quite in time for the last build,
but is now ready.
So here is the final build from our feature development stage.

- Hide mouse cursor when touchscreen is used (SL#4032)
- Auto-scroll the window canvas to avoid the on-screen keyboard hiding
the selected text input area (not quite working yet)
- Touch gestures in Browse (SL#3997)
- Improved spiral layout (#4027)

Includes the latest Sugar, with a handful of fixes. And:

#12203 13.1.0 os6 omits 'Software update' image from graphical control panel
#12188 NetworkManager crashing with segmentation fault

Wireless networking should now work reliably - fingers crossed.


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