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Sat Oct 13 16:36:52 EDT 2012

Hi Tabitha,

On 13 Oct 2012, at 08:52, Tabitha Roder <tabitha at tabitha.net.nz> wrote:

> Auckland Testing Summary 13 October 2012
> Who: Alana, Fabiana, John, Oliver, Tabitha and Tom
> Rosella: XO-1.5 One Education OS 1.2 (build au248), Firmware Q3C09
> with first language Maori and second language English (Great Britain)
> Moon failed to start, but works if you change the language back to
> English, log file attached for failed to start case

Thanks for testing and the log files!

Looks like the Moon Maori pootle string has a typo in:

   ""Surface Visibility:\n%.0f%% (estimated)\n\n""

   ValueError: unsupported format character 'O' (0x4f) at index 16

So that error looks like the translator has typed in a O (capital letter O) instead of a 0 (number zero).

> Firefox froze when you press the stop button
> Tam Tam Mini was mostly translated but the category names (percussion,
> animal etc for the instruments) were not
> Record photos and videos worked fine
> Clock does not speak the time but otherwise works. Changing to English
> fixes the talking clock. Note that the Days of the week were not
> translated, but everything else was. Log attached.

Looks like the translator has removed all the strings for the rules for generating the time in text, the error in the log suggest it found no rules. If you enable the toolbar button "Display time in full letters", do you see the time printed in Maori (or the default english)? My guess is you'll see noting, or worse will crash.

> Screencast encoding was very slow. No translation. Saves to journal.
> Attempting to play from the journal launches jukebox but the video
> doesn't play
> Physics works

Fab, I'm glad one of mine worked! :) BTW your cogs feature suggestion didn't make it into this release cycle, and we're frozen for new features now :( Maybe I'll get back to it once the XO-4 bug hunting/fixing calms down in a month or so.


> Numbers works
> Speak has an english accent and doesn't understand the macrons. The
> robot greeting "I'm a robot alice..." has been translated but the
> robot converses in english otherwise.
> Ivy: XO-1.5 One Education OS 1.2 (build au248), Firmware Q3C07 in English
> Maze, Memorize, Speak, Moon, Clock, Physics, Arithmetic, Implode, Tam
> Tam Mini all worked
> Turtle Machine: Three people (including a neuroscientist and a primary
> school teacher and a teacher of teachers) all got stuck at level 9 and
> couldn't get past it. Our school teacher suggests that once you
> complete a shape you should get told the name but we're not sure what
> to do when the shapes don't really have names. We also think there
> should be some sort of hint or help facility. It would also be good to
> skip a level if you get stuck on it but maybe this is cheating. You
> don't actually have to do very much for the first levels because all
> you have to do is click on the number and it auto-advances to the
> correct value (it jumps values, 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,12,30) and choose one
> angle less than what is already selected. Perhaps these should be
> type-in boxes where you have to choose the right angle? Eventually (7
> hours later on revisiting the activity) we found there was a library
> of shapes created that we could reuse.
> Both One Education builds ask for the users age when you first start
> the laptop but you cannot enter an age with the keyboard, you have to
> use the clickers or the arrow keys.
> XO-1.75 running One Education OS 1.2 (build au48)
> Moon, Implode, Memorize, Numbers, Slider Puzzle, Dimensions, Clock all work
> Jigsaw was unusably slow when dragging pieces
> Screencast stops recording after one second and doesn't save anything
> in the journal (but it says it does)
> The vmeta drivers won't load on this XO as they are for a different
> architecture. Is there any other way to get hardware accelerated video
> playback working?
> XO-4 running 13.1.0 for XO-1.4 (build 5), firmware Q7B01
> Startup sound has a raspy quality, pressing reasonably hard on the
> right hand speaker grille seems to make it much better.
> This laptop didn't shut down properly (perhaps because the shutdown
> screen isn't always correctly understood) and stayed on in the bag. It
> doesn't seem to have suffered from this.
> Touchscreen has an offset which makes using it quite difficult. Is
> there any further protection for the screen planned? It doesn't feel
> as robust to impact as any tablet I've used, and the matt finish looks
> like it might collect scratches.
> There is a slight misalignment between the game key holes and the game
> keys. This doesn't seem to stop them working. The front panel finish
> is glossy with faint tool marks, while the finish on the rest of the
> laptop is textured.
> The rotate button doesn't do anything
> Write works
> Get Books works but doesn't show icon as being coloured after you use it
> Read works
> Wikipedia didn't load any pages, it looked like it started to progress
> but it didn't
> Maze works
> Browse works but clicking in the dark areas of the scroll bar causes
> the screen to scroll to that absolute position rather than one
> screenful up or down.
> Thanks testers
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