SD Card bug? XO 1.75 (Repeat post)

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Oct 8 20:21:55 EDT 2012

G'day Jv,

I will reply to this e-mail regardless of your wish that I not,
because I feel I should defend someone who is a regular and helpful

I think you have misinterpreted the private mail from Mikus.  I do not
see any spiteful tone or offensive behaviour.  He is trying to
understand by asking questions and using emphasis.

It is helpful to use words that have common meanings, and your mail,
Jv, was harder to understand than others, because the meanings you
used were not common.  I avoided answering it because I didn't
understand.  It is good that someone tried to understand, even if I

I am surprised that you made public a private mail ... this is not
something I would be comfortable doing, but I acknowledge you felt

I ask that you please re-read Mikus mail with greater care, starting
with the assumption that Mikus is trying to communicate despite the
apparent barrier of word meanings.

On Mon, Oct 08, 2012 at 07:42:27PM +0530, RJV wrote:
> Mikus, I am sorry, too, that you found it SO important to answer an email that
> is not to your wavelength. Btw, your email looks like human spam to me so
> marking your email id for spam and is so offensive in tone that I have a good
> mind to withdraw from this list. Did I forget to mention that I did not read
> more than three lines of your enail.
> Do not reply to this email.
> For the rest in this list, this email from Mikus is far too spiteful in tone
> for anyone to ignore. Will somebody care to explain unless of course if the
> email is okay as per the question.
> Thanks for any coherent reply.
> Jv
> On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:
>     On 10/07/2012 10:44 PM, RJV wrote:
>         why I posted this is to know whether one
>         reflashes all the time or is there a more graceful way of getting XO
>         back
>         on Sugar through Linux?
>     I'm sorry - you and I are on completely different wavelengths.
>     You use phrases that mean something to you, but have NO significance
>     whatsoever to me.  For instance "back on Sugar through Linux":
>     If one is in Sugar, there is the capability to get into GNOME by doing:
>     left-click_on_XO-image -> My Settings -> Switch desktop -> Switch to Gnome
>     -> Restart now ... and one is presented with the GNOME desktop. The
>     principal use I myself see in Gnome is if the user wants to manage multiple
>     windows, or is uncomfortable with Sugar-style full screen.
>     I myself do NOT use GNOME if I can help it -- I find I can do almost
>     everything I need from the 'Terminal Activity' screen in Sugar.
>     [By the way, if you do not want the XO to suspend itself, you can go to My
>     Settings -> Power, and unmark all the checkboxes in that panel.].
>     If one is in the GNOME environment, there is the capability to get into
>     Sugar by doing: Applications -> System Tools -> Switch to Sugar -> OK ...
>     and one is presented with the Sugar Home View screen.
>     The XO runs Linux all the time, whether that XO happens to be in the Sugar
>     environment or happens to be in the GNOME environment.  Please use the word
>     'Linux' only when you mean a desktop system (or equivalent) running a Linux
>     distribution (such as Ubuntu).  Please use the word 'Windows' when you mean
>     a desktop system running Windows.  Please use the word 'Sugar' only when
>     you mean an XO running in an Sugar environment.  Please use the term
>     'Sugar-on-non_XO' when you mean Sugar running on any kind of hardware other
>     than an XO.  Please use the word 'GNOME' when you mean an XO running in an
>     'GNOME' environment.  Please use the term 'GNOME-on-non_XO' when you mean
>     GNOME running on any kind of hardware other than an XO.
>     In the context of an XO:  Please use the word 'flash' when you mean using
>     the OFW 'flash' command to replace the .rom firmware inside an XO.  Please
>     use the term 'install the build' when you mean the process of replacing (or
>     putting) the operating system software inside an XO. Please avoid the word
>     'reflash' - it's sloppy; instead please use the word 'reinstall' and
>     mention what it is you are reinstalling (e.g., 'reinstall the build' if you
>     mean replacing the operating system in the XO by a "virgin" copy).
>     In the context of 'reinstalling' -- there is no NEED to "reinstall" the
>     operating system in the XO unless the one you already have is corrupted (or
>     you have obtained access to a better/newer version).
>         I need to run a 3G (Airtel - Indian telecom provider) and may need
>         some help on this.
>     Given the kind of questions you are asking, I would __STRONGLY ADVISE__ you
>     NOT to try using an XO for this purpose:
>     The only way an XO can talk directly to 3G is with a "dongle".  But the
>     "dongle" will need software.  [You can only _hope_ that wvdial.rpm is the
>     only significant item of software you would need to pick up yourself.]
>      That software will almost certainly require 'dependencies' to be installed
>     in the operating system - will they be available?  And will all the needed
>     software run on an XO?  Is the wvdial.rpm that you downloaded even meant
>     for the ARM architecture?  [Remember that (non-Android) ARM-CPU operating
>     systems have only recently arrived for general distribution.]
>     There may also be difficulties tying in the Network Management in an XO
>     with a connection through 3G.  [I myself am currently using an ethernet
>     (wired) path to the internet from my XO-1.75 - but that takes advantage of
>     me having four years of experience using ethernet with XOs - others might
>     encounter hurdles.]
>     In any case, I myself am not an user of 3G (i.e., cellular data).  So I do
>     not expect to be able to help you.  [I do have an Android tablet - and you
>     have no idea of how many people have posted to its support forum about
>     problems setting up good 3G service.]
>     mikus
> --
> Regards,
> Ravichandran Jv

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