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Manuel Kaufmann humitos at
Mon Oct 8 12:36:47 EDT 2012

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 3:51 AM, Barry Newell <barry.newell at> wrote:
> Congratulations to All!

Thanks! I'm very happy that you liked our work. It's mutual, we like yours :)

> The effort that you and your colleagues have put into this project, and the
> high quality of the end result, have prompted me to go ahead and produce the
> guide to the riddles.

That's an excellent news for me!

> I will not be able to do it quickly, but I will keep you updated on my
> progress. I will, unfortunately, have to write it in English.

Well, maybe we can help on the translation of it as well if you give
us permission. I think Melina would like to help on this translation.

> It will help us to make sure that the riddles still work after translation
> into Spanish.

I'm not pretty sure of this because we don't solve all the riddles yet
but it's something that we have in mind and we will do in the near
future. But... Maybe we never get the answers, haha ;)


PD: we are about to start the translation of "Turtles Speak
Mathematics" on the next week, I guess.

Kaufmann Manuel

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