SD Card bug? XO 1.75 (Repeat post)

Jerry Vonau jvonau at
Mon Oct 8 11:18:32 EDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-10-08 at 19:42 +0530, RJV wrote:
> Mikus, I am sorry, too, that you found it SO important to answer an
> email that is not to your wavelength. Btw, your email looks like human
> spam to me so marking your email id for spam and is so offensive in
> tone that I have a good mind to withdraw from this list. Did I forget
> to mention that I did not read more than three lines of your enail.
> Do not reply to this email.
> For the rest in this list, this email from Mikus is far too spiteful
> in tone for anyone to ignore. Will somebody care to explain unless of
> course if the email is okay as per the question.

Think we might need some clarification of what you tried to do and if
you have sugar and/or gnome working or are you stuck at at command
prompt somehow?


>                 I need to run a 3G (Airtel - Indian telecom provider)
>                 and may need
>                 some help on this.

I can help you with this part, my 3G dongle is 100% working but on
OLPC-AU images so there might be some small differences here.

>         Given the kind of questions you are asking, I would __STRONGLY
>         ADVISE__ you NOT to try using an XO for this purpose:
>         The only way an XO can talk directly to 3G is with a
>         "dongle".  But the "dongle" will need software.  [You can only
>         _hope_ that wvdial.rpm is the only significant item of
>         software you would need to pick up yourself.]  That software
>         will almost certainly require 'dependencies' to be installed
>         in the operating system - will they be available?  And will
>         all the needed software run on an XO?  Is the wvdial.rpm that
>         you downloaded even meant for the ARM architecture?  [Remember
>         that (non-Android) ARM-CPU operating systems have only
>         recently arrived for general distribution.]
>         There may also be difficulties tying in the Network Management
>         in an XO with a connection through 3G.  [I myself am currently
>         using an ethernet (wired) path to the internet from my XO-1.75
>         - but that takes advantage of me having four years of
>         experience using ethernet with XOs - others might encounter
>         hurdles.]
>         In any case, I myself am not an user of 3G (i.e., cellular
>         data).  So I do not expect to be able to help you.  [I do have
>         an Android tablet - and you have no idea of how many people
>         have posted to its support forum about problems setting up
>         good 3G service.]

NetworkManager handles the 3g connections just fine though
modem-manager, no need to add any other software.


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