XO-hang on 1.75-touch

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Wed Nov 28 07:00:29 EST 2012


> At some RANDOM point in time, doing "Finger-touch on Home-View XO-icon"
> ==> "Finger-touch on My-Settings" causes the settings-window to NOT open.
> Thereafter, all "clicks" (via finger-touch, and touchpad-window) stop
> working.
> Anybody hit by this spuriously? (I am being hit fairly regularly, to the
> extent of having the XO-1.75-touch unusable).
I saw this one time. Not related with the home vie xo icon.
Ca you check if something appear in /var/log/messages?
(You can use Ctrl-Alt_F2 to go to the terminal)

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