Announcing Q3C10 for XO-1.5

James Cameron quozl at
Sat Nov 24 01:37:35 EST 2012

* support for inflating initrd images from inside a .zip bundle, for
  #12106 and #12181,

* change the search order for .zip bundles to look for the
  platform-specific suffix first, falling back to the generic name,

* align the ramdisk and flattened device tree addresses, #12107,

* support ISO 9660 images on non-optical drives such as USB flash and
  hard drives, #12018,

* support WEP and WPA passwords containing spaces (parse whole line),

* fixes to the antenna test,

* changes to the USB test, which now identifies the device attached to
  a port,

* add support for new SPI FLASH replacement parts,

* improved debugger support, #12105,

This release synchronises XO-1.5 firmware with the code base used for
XO-4 firmware.

Test reports are encouraged.

I have boot-tested against this firmware, unsecured with 10.1.3,
11.3.0, 12.1.0, and 13.1.0 build 14, and secured with 12.1.0.

James Cameron
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