[Sugar-devel] [TRANSIENT ISSUE] 3G-Modem not being recognised

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Wed Nov 21 03:22:01 EST 2012

On 11/21/2012 02:40 AM, James Cameron wrote:

> Perhaps this service provider can provide technical support?
>> If it's as simple as adding a single entry to powerd's usb-inhibits
>> file like how 'hid' is treated then why has this not been done?
> My guess is priorities are elsewhere in the stack at the moment, and
> we have very few deployments demanding this be fixed.
>> I don't think having an end-user with no experience with USB IDs add
>> an entry to the usb-inhibits file, or having to remember to turn off
>> a major feature is the correct long term solution IMHO.
> Certainly not.  I didn't think you or Ajay were end-users though.  My
> advice to end-users would be to wait for the problem to be fixed, or
> ask their deployment technical people to turn off the major feature
> permanently, or build a fix.

In the previous thread this was discussed in  (See "Patch: Mobile 
dongles") the proposal was that inhibit would be triggered by the 
presence of module 'usb_wwan'.  Jerry submitted patches that did that. 
Paul was wondering if there was a better way than looking for a module 

Powerd already has a mechanism where it disables suspend while an 
association is in process and Paul was wondering if you could leverage 
the existing infrastructure for this.

The thread dies after that.  So I think anyone wanting this to get 
integrated as a stock feature should investigate if you can use a NM 
hook to send the DBUS message to powerd to inhibit.

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