New glibc locale for Aymara submitted

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at
Sun Nov 11 07:42:12 EST 2012

A new glibc locale file for Aymara in Peru has been submitted upstream.

earlier drafts of this locale were circulated after SugarCamp2011
using the language code "aym".

After further discussion with our consulting Aymaristas, we have
changed our choice to use language code "ayc".  This change has been
accounted for in Pootle, I believe we will need to make a change in LINGUAS line to properly address this re-thinking of
ISO-639 code choice for Aymara in Sugar.

It may be some time before the glibc maintainers take action on
committing this file, but for now the bug linked above (and it's
attachments) should serve as the "best" and reference source for
Aymara glibc locale information.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  We hope to have a
Quechua (Cuzco) locale (quz_PE) submitted soon as well.

Sugar labs Translation Team Coordinator

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