Neonode low-level access

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Nov 8 10:44:06 EST 2012

bert wrote:
 > How can I get at low-level data from the XO-4's touch screen in
 > Linux?  I'm thinking of the actual light levels of all the sensors
 > around the edges.

access to more data is limited.  the only events we get correlate pretty
directly to the X events you already see -- i.e., motion and touch.

it's possible to request other data, and i think all of those requests
can be issued from either OFW or linux.

for OFW, see for the
watch-fss and watch-fll commands.  i think there are more as well, but
you're mainly interested in linux access.  for linux, see the sysfs
files under /sys/kernel/debug/zforce/.  there are also a few tuneables
under /sys/modules/zforce/parameters.  most are self-explanatory, or
are quickly explained by a glance at the driver.

the driver's header file contains pretty much all the original information
from the docs we got:

 > Certain apps could benefit from this - e.g. many of Neonode's own
 > impressive demos could not be implemented using only the X11 events
 > I get in Sugar.

can you elaborate?

 paul fox, pgf at

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