Gnome in os9

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Wed Nov 7 11:41:10 EST 2012

I can understand is not a priority right now but I ventured a bit on the GNOME side of os9. Is considerably improved!
A couple of issues on the XO-1.75. Abiword exits with the cryptic "Aborted". 
Switching back to Sugar (or restarting X) takes a good 30 seconds after the gnome panel has exited, with no feed back. Looks like hanged. 
Also Xtrem somehow sneaked in back in the build.
None of these is the case on the XO-1.

In both XO-1 and 1.75, Etoys is under "sound and video", Squeak is not working because it can not find the squeak.image and fonts in Audacity UI are too big.
In the date/time control panel, location changes do not "stick".
I do not know if the 80MB location data (discussed earlier), has been removed and it is responsible for this behavior, but if it is, it may need to provide some feedback or remove the options because now it just looks broken. 

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