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> Hi everyone,
> We are a group of students from the Slovak University of Technology. Last
> year we took part in an international competition called Imagine Cup. We
> created an application, called OwNet, that enables users with poor Internet
> connection browse the Web more effectively and even offline by providing a
> local proxy that intelligently caches and prefetches Web pages. It also
> contains some educational features, as it is intended for schools in Africa.
> OwNet is currently being deployed in Kenya, at schools in Nanyuki and Voi.
> Because of the rules of the Imagine Cup competition, our application is
> implemented using Microsoft technologies. However, this year we are going
> to reimplement it using cross-platform technologies so that it can also be
> used under Linux.
> Recently we came across the project OLPC. We find it very interesting and,
> if possible, we would like to contribute to the project. Could our
> application be somehow useful to OLPC? Possibly some parts could be
> integrated into the Sugar interface (e.g. intelligent caching, prefetching
> or educational features). Since we intend a full reimplementation, we could
> choose features based on your preference or suggestions.
> We would really appreciate your feedback, questions or ideas.
> You can also find more information about the project on our website:
> http://ownet.fiit.stuba.sk/?l=uk
> Thank you very much.
> Cheers,
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Would seem the best place for them to intervene would be on the XS???


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