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Hi everyone,

We are a group of students from the Slovak University of Technology. Last
year we took part in an international competition called Imagine Cup. We
created an application, called OwNet, that enables users with poor Internet
connection browse the Web more effectively and even offline by providing a
local proxy that intelligently caches and prefetches Web pages. It also
contains some educational features, as it is intended for schools in Africa.

OwNet is currently being deployed in Kenya, at schools in Nanyuki and Voi.
Because of the rules of the Imagine Cup competition, our application is
implemented using Microsoft technologies. However, this year we are going
to reimplement it using cross-platform technologies so that it can also be
used under Linux.

Recently we came across the project OLPC. We find it very interesting and,
if possible, we would like to contribute to the project. Could our
application be somehow useful to OLPC? Possibly some parts could be
integrated into the Sugar interface (e.g. intelligent caching, prefetching
or educational features). Since we intend a full reimplementation, we could
choose features based on your preference or suggestions.

We would really appreciate your feedback, questions or ideas.

You can also find more information about the project on our website:

Thank you very much.


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