Offtopic: directional antenna for XO-1.75?

James Cameron quozl at
Wed May 23 22:10:08 EDT 2012

You can achieve a significant gain by making the antenna higher,
especially if you need to get past anything in the fresnel zone, such
as the masts of other boats or restaurant windows.  By moving the
antenna higher, you will also reduce the fresnel effect of the nearby
water between you and the access point.

A 5M USB cable with a WiFi device at the far end may work much better
than a directional antenna.  The USB active antenna prototypes are
okay for this.

You might also consider two XOs connected by ethernet cable.  One on a
mast, one down below.

You can get pigtails to convert from the connectors in the XO to a
connector for an antenna.  Watch for static discharge.  I suggest a
yagi style, not to high a gain, otherwise it would be too sensitive to
changes in heading of the boat when anchored.

(I'm an ex-sailor ... there's no large bodies of water out here).

James Cameron

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