Virtual Keyboard and i18n/l10n

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Wed May 9 10:34:59 EDT 2012

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 10:27 AM, Martin Langhoff
<martin.langhoff at> wrote:
> <cjl> hey martin_xsa What is the timing on working out the virtual
> keyboard and how it gets specified for i18n/L10n?
> At this point it looks like we'll use Maliit, and looks like we'll
> have it integrated fairly soon. Maliit is mature (shipped with
> Harmattan, Nokia N900), so it has its config files for this (xml?
> documented in a wiki somewhere?) and existing support for many langs.
> We should identify if we have gaps with our supported langs. We may
> want to tweak the existing layouts (I hope not! :-) ).
> I also believe we should ship any available langs, as this makes our
> units more usable in locales where we currently don't have a physical
> kb layout (where small projects cannot get a custom keyboard made),
> and when typing in a foreign language (use case: native Spanish
> speaking user, with Spanish/LatAm laptop, typing in Deutsch)

cc'ing L10n list.

Martin, this sounds good.

I am very excited about the potential for a virtual keyboard on the
XO-3 to remove silkscreening from the hardware L10n process.

We have many langs in Pootle without a defined keyboard layout and we
also have langs without upstreamed glibc locales.  These are things
that the L10n team can begin looking into correcting in advance, but
first we will need to investigate the detailed requirements (what
files in what format) are required to work wit hthis process.  I'll
start looking inot it and I invite other members of the L10n community
to begin familiarizing themselves with these tools so we can all work
together and learn from each other (and maybe even document it on the

Warmest Regards,

Sugar Team Translation team

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