OLPC RPM Repository Access

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Thu Mar 29 19:17:41 EDT 2012

Did 'yum list olpc-powerd'.  On one XO the latest version listed was 46 
-- on another XO the latest version listed was 47.

Turns out the the XO with the more-up-to-date answer had recently done 
'yum clean all'.  [My XOs normally run 24/7 - reboots are rare.]

There is supposed to be a repository-refresh-countdown, which when it 
expires causes yum to automatically re-download the repository index (as 
it exists now).  It appears that for the olpc-f14 repository entry (at 
least in os31) this "the previously downloaded repository index content 
has become obsolete" moment had not occurred recently.


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