Announcing Q4D06 for XO-1.75

Sascha Silbe silbe at
Mon Mar 26 14:08:34 EDT 2012

Excerpts from James Cameron's message of 2012-03-21 06:11:57 +0100:

> - enable flattened device tree export to Linux, requires recent
>   kernels, ticket #11568,

Does this just mean that recent kernels are needed in order to benefit
from FDT passing, or is Q4D06 unable to boot kernels that expect a
non-flattened (un-flattened?) device tree?

I'm specifically asking because recent kernels don't like my SD card
(only one in about twenty or fifty boots succeeds; two different
failure modes), so I'd need to make sure I diagnose and fix that
before upgrading OFW the next time.


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