[OLPC Engineering] [Techteam] 12.1.0 devel build 5 released, for the XO-1, XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

Gary Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 25 16:13:00 EDT 2012

On 25 Mar 2012, at 19:40, Simon Schampijer wrote:

> On 03/25/2012 07:59 PM, Chris Ball wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Sun, Mar 25 2012, Simon Schampijer wrote:
>>> I have filed the Browse related tickets 11716, 11718 testing on the
>>> XO-1.5. My 1.75 does boot until the naming screen but I can not use
>>> the trackpad or the keyboard. This is a 1.75 1B1 with 4GB.
>> Keyboard/trackpad both work here on 1.75 1C2 8GB.  Constant libertas
>> timeouts, though.
>> - Chris.
> Yeah, flashed now another 1.75 machine (1C2 4GB) and the first boot when I did not sit next to the machine it came up the same as my 1B1 with a non usable keyboard and trackpad. I rebooted and directly entered a name and could use than the machine.

Successfully flashed both an XO-1 with update-nand [1] and an XO-1.75 with fs-update.

> Things I came across from a first quick look:
> - the trackpad was not as good responsible

Yes, on the XO-1.75 after disabling powerd to prevent the lockups at idle suspend, the track pad feels a little spongy/laggy but it might just be different accel. settings, not sure?

The XO-1 (original trackpad) is notably worse, if you trace circles the cursor stops from time to time along the path. Also had the cursor stall completely twice and then slowly stutter, perfectly vertically, every few seconds down the screen; then fluttered randomly vertically very fast and disappeared (keyboard and UI still worked OK).

> - the neighborhood view had no APs listed

Yes same here on the XO1.75. It also fails to create or connect to an ad-hoc network, the three icons are shown in neighbourhood but have no 'Connect' ability.

The neighbourhood view on the XO-1 is showing AP's just fine, connected to my AP without issue.


[1] Spent a long time looking for the wiki page Daniel wrote that described the ofw install command for .onu and .uim files on the XO-1 but could not find, an old email thread archive via google to the rescue.

> - Paint did not start due to missing binaries (does start on the 1.5)
> Regards,
>   Simon
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