coding 88W8388 firmware

lluvia_lists at lluvia_lists at
Wed Mar 21 05:47:50 EDT 2012

Hi list,

I'd like starting learning the skills for helping to write a firmware
replace for the 88WW8388 chip. I was reading on the wiki, specially this

However, I don't know which is the current state or if some code is
already available. I couldn't find any yet.

I found this link on the Libertas wiki page:

  "Discussions about how to open libertas firmware"

I ask you for information and colaboration.


PD: I'd like to report also that the following material is not working:

  The adiss link:

Also, from the Libertas page:

"There is a project to take the driver developed for the OLPC and utilized
it for all of the libertas family including 88w8385 cf cards":

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