Marvell 88W8388 driver (Was: OLPC Laptop - an open source substandard ?)

Alex Gibson agibson at
Wed Jan 24 16:56:34 EST 2007

Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
> Alex Gibson wrote:
>> Ivan Krstić wrote:
>>> Gabor Dolla wrote:
>>>> Can we reanimate this "gpl'd firmware for Marvell's 88W8388" thing somehow ?
>>> Patience, grasshopper. It's being worked on. I might have found a way to
>>> put a person on it full-time, in fact; stay tuned.
>> We have a number of people here at UTS (University of Technology Sydney 
>> Australia) who are  interested in working on the wireless but we are having
>> problems with the local Marvell representative in trying to get NDA's for
>> us to sign.
> Did you make any progress with the documentation?  Please let me know
> if/when you start a project to rewrite the ARM firmware.
> I'm interested in helping out and I'm taking steps to make sure I'll
> soon be able to contribute almost full-time.
I'm still waiting to hear from Michail , Jim or Walter on who the best
person at Marvell is to talk to to get
NDA's for us to sign so we can get access to what we need to get started.

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