12.1.0 trac milestone organisation

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Fri Mar 16 13:18:07 EDT 2012

On 03/15/2012 05:15 PM, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi,
> In recent release cycles, the trac milestone on http://dev.laptop.org
> for each release has been disorganised and (for that reason) of
> limited use - many more tickets in the milestone that the team would
> have time to attack. In the 11.3.0 cycle I saw that I was not the only
> one affected by this - it makes things especially hard for those who
> don't spend as many hours tracking the release progress as the rest of
> us.
> So for 12.1.0 I would like to change this by myself dedicating more
> time to keeping things clean and managed within the 12.1.0 milestone.
> I'm proposing that we experiment with the following, which is what I
> wrote at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/12.1.0/Release_plan  :
> In recent release cycles, the release milestone in trac has become a
> bit of a dumping ground for ideas-of-the-minute and miscellaneous bugs
> (e.g. bugs not related to current development efforts). As such the
> milestone's bug listing has been of limited value and hard to utilise
> by those who do not work on the release specifics every day. In this
> release cycle, the release manager will attempt to improve on this
> situation with the following measures:
> - All bugs in the milestone will have a correct and accurate assignee
> who understands the responsibility to work on the issue according to
> the schedule in this release plan.
> - The release manager will triage incoming bugs roughly according to
> the following criteria:
>   - - Regressions caused by work in this release cycle will be included
> in the milestone and assigned accordingly
>   - - All other tickets will be triaged into Future Release (for things
> we want, but will not necessarily commit to working on it immediately)
> and Opportunity (for nice-to-haves).
>   - - All tickets triaged to Future Release and Opportunity will have
> at least 1 core release team member as assignee or CC. This way, any
> bad triaging decisions can be raised and discussed in the weekly
> release meeting.
>   - Developers are welcome to take tickets from Future Release and
> Opportunity milestones and move them into the release milestone, as
> and when they have time available to dedicate to such work.
>   - The resultant succinct, clean ticket listing in the milsetone will
> be useful for release management, allowing for early identification of
> release blockers, easy progress tracking, and lets us easily see that
> nobody is overloaded with work.
> Daniel

Hi Daniel,

I like your proposal and see the potential. Looks really good. I can not 
even come up with good nitpicks :) Thanks for attacking such a hard nut, 
and thanks for being our release manager for another round!


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