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On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 2:29 PM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:

> I'm just installing onto a jffs2 XO-1, no building, just an install, so I
>> did the basics: an install then the copy.  Did I miss something in the
>> install that left the old files around?
> Kevin - I've for years been removing the old files manually.
> What I do after the 'uname -r' is 'rpm -q kernel'.  That gives me the full
> name of the kernel that is not running.  Then I do 'rpm -e ...', specifying
> that obsolete kernel_full_name.  I begin to finish up with 'find / -name
> ...' (where ... is a unique string extracted from the full name of the
> deleted kernel).  Typically there will be leftover files within
> /versions/pristine/883 .  I manually delete those.  [In my opinion, the
> principal nand-space user is the leftover /lib/modules/,,, from the
> previous running system.]

Thanks again very much Mikus.  All works fine.  Scripted the install and
removes. Since this script is only run immediately after a full reflash to
a vanilla 883, the names and locations are consistent.  Cheers,


> Of course, if the new kernel you installed did not come from a
> fully-functional rpm, then little things (like drivers) might stop working.
>  If you wanted to no longer use the new kernel, but had deleted the
> previous kernel, you couldn't go back (e.g., by manually changing the
> pointers in the /boot directory <as used by OFW>) -- you would need to do a
> complete re-install.
> mikus
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