Python bindings based on Phonegap?

John Gilmore gnu at
Wed Jun 27 01:38:02 EDT 2012

> Does anyone know if there are Python bindings based off the Phonegap
> API, with similar method calls, etc.?
> I'm developing an HTML5/Javascript activity that I would like to
> eventually port to Android and other mobile platforms. Having a set of
> Phonegap-like Python bindings for Sugar would help considerably.

Sounds like doing a native Linux port of Phonegap would be a useful
addition, with both X11 and Sugar window interfaces.  Then Phonegap
apps could, perhaps, work on both classic Linux machines and on OLPCs.

Hmm, it looks to me like Phonegap isn't a "write once, run everywhere"
kind of thing.  According to the doc, every platform your app targets
needs tweaks in the app, and/or needs a development tools platform for
that target.  It's more like classic Unix portability: "how to build
your app so that you can copy the source to 7 different build
environments and get it to build and run on each one."


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