Fedora 18 features that could affect xo-1 [Devel Digest, Vol 76, Issue 51]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 23 15:06:50 EDT 2012

> I think you do not give enough credit to the work being done
> by Sugar
> Labs volunteers and local communities (given that
> appropriation of
> technology is almost a goal in
> itself).   More developers are always
> welcome.

I can appreciate that this is a public list and the responses must conform to this fact, but I think that John Gilmore said/asked/thought 2 things 
a) make those *old* machines run even more efficient software over time
b) add high leverage features to the *old* machines 
I do not think that are any examples of these but I'll be happy to be corrected.

More important I do not think that these are stated goals of OLPC, SugarLabs or any big deployment. 
I would appreciate links to the opposite but in their absence, more engineers, volunteers or testers are not going to help a lot the 2 "wishes" above.

As a matter of fact what is happening is an (understandable) effort to stay as close to the upstreams (Fedora/Gnome/Python) as possible and only work within the framework that they provide, whatever this might be and the priorities it may fulfill.
A lot of the time and major effort is pend to just adopt to these changes.
The reason for that is lack of the person-power needed to pursue alternatives, as thay are believed to be more demanding than adapting to whatever comes from upstream.

However, with a couple of millions "embedded-class" open code machines in the hands of learners few years now, and several hundreds support personnel, these 2 things, being even a low priority but to some extend pursued/fostered goals, may have provided some inspiration and fruition.

If indeed they are believed worthy goals, is never too late. The XO-1s are still out there.

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