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> >> serial connector loaded.  Its
> >> the connector under the heat spreader.
> > 
> > There goes my new XO-1.75...
> Think of it a a rite of passage.
> > Just to be sure, is the UART 4, CN23, shown in the
> attached picture in blue. Correct?
> Correct.
> > If OK, please advise further actions.
> First upgrade the firmware to the latest version and let it
> update the EC code.
> Then just plug up the serial connector and then do a full
> power cycle of the unit by removing both external power and
> the battery and then plugging in the problem battery. 
> Send the output.  May or may not be anything of
> interest in that log.
> Then see if the problem duplicates on the 1.75.  You
> can get a quick reading from the EC of the battery level by
> using the command 'b3'. Type b3 <enter> which turns on
> some simple debug info.  You can't leave that on
> however because it will prevent the EC from going into stop
> mode.  'b0' will turn it back off.
> You have to be really quick with the serial commands when
> the XO is off.  When off and running on battery the EC
> will go into stop mode and it does that really fast. 
> When its in stop mode you can't talk to it on the serial
> port.    I usually have one hand ready to type b3
> and then wake the EC up by a very short power button
> press.  Then before it goes back into stop mode type
> b3<enter>.  Once a second it will output a short
> battery stat then type b0 to stop it and allow it to go back
> into stop mode.
> So hook up the EC serial port and log the output. Then
> charge up the battery. b3 to get some readings. Disconnect
> external power and then b0 .  You should see it go into
> stop mode.   In 24 hours wake the EC up do b3
> to get a 2nd set of readings and then send the log output.

Took some time and a lot of juggling and ended up to a lot of questionmarks in black diamonds so I do not really know if I did it right or wrong, but here is the screen log just the same.
A power cycle followed bu the b3-b0, followed by a power cycle.
Both the client with the broblem battery and the host were XO-1.75 running os13.
Also I had a hard time detaching from the screen. Maybe
the wiki page needs some clarification.
What "C-a" means? "Capital C, dash, a" 3 consecutive characters? "ctrl+a"? "shift-c-a" keys together? other?
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