Testing Summary, Auckland 14 July 2012

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Jul 15 07:27:11 EDT 2012

Testing Summary, Auckland 14 July 2012
Who: Brenda, Fabiana, John, Nevyn, Tom

We tested 12.1.0 build 18 on XO-1.5 and XO-1.75

Nolan (XO-1.75):
paint - seems ok.
Physics: get the strange behaviour at the top of the canvas where things 
don’t show over a band on the top (reported before)
Record: patchy movie recording on high quality from the onset, whereas 
my feeling is that previously it would record ok for a while before this 
Turtle art: Something odd - seems like I am building the blocks and the 
programme starts running without me asking for it.
Chart Activity: Opened a very big file from measure - it kept on going 
forever. I cannot find a way to tell it to stop reading the file. I 
tried to stop the activity but it looks like it will not stop until it 
finishes reading. After a bit the menus at the top of the screen were no 
longer visible (as if it was trying to stop) but I can see the data 
field and the chart field, which is still bringing in and 
displaying/plotting the data

Managed to successfully open google doc, still can’t create a google doc.

Open as a new tab does not work on a google search

vmeta works in whaawmp, videos can be obtained with youtube-dl -f 18.

fototoon is awesome and works great

Distance still doesn’t work at all on XO-1.75, this activity should be 
removed if it can’t be fixed.

Measure with resistance sensor, we find that the trace drops off the 
bottom of the screen at 6kΩ. It seems that the gain slider is a position 
control, not a gain control as in audio mode, this doesn’t seem to be 
explained in the documentation on wiki.sl.o. The position control can be 
used to position zero on the screen.

Shorting the input yields -10Ω which is a little surprising as negative 
resistors are rare beasties.

Saving data with measure seems strange. We always get some negative 
resistances even when we ensure that we did not measure any negative 

Write works with pictures, colors, writing, sizes.

All the text is still tiny as reported previously. Sorry, we haven’t 
taken it apart as recommended a while ago. Is it possible to do an 
fs-update with an external drive as the target or otherwise copy the 
operating system to an external drive?

We had a strange crash on shutdown. The laptop ended up sleeping, and 
when you press the power button the power light comes on for about 3 
seconds and then goes back to sleeping. Keyboard or mouse entry does the 
same thing with the power light.

Could Record display the preview as a mirror image like most webcams? 
This makes it more intuitive when moving your head.
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