[Testing] Testing Summary, Auckland 7 July 2012

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Sat Jul 14 20:11:54 EDT 2012

Thank by the wikipedia logs. I will look at this issue.


> No Wikipedia on XO-1 :( It works on XO-1.75. We notice that the journal
> entry is called “untitled” rather than the name of the page. We were not
> able to reproduce. Had wikpedia fail to start. There are several different
> problems in the logs attached. It would seem that if port 8080 is in use,
> an exception is logged This might be the instance where it failed to start,
> we're not sure. Perhaps wikipedia should choose a free port rather than
> being hard coded? The content of a page was logged in an error, perhaps
> this shouldn’t be in the production version to avoid using up the disk (how
> are sugar logs deleted?).
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