Testing Summary, Auckland - 23 June 2012

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As always, thanks for testing.

On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 4:43 AM, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:
> Not quite 1 month late, I present for your eduction:
> Auckland Testing Summary 23/06/12
> Who - John, Fabiana, Tabitha, Tom
> We tested Build 12.1.0 RC 2 (build 15) on XO-1.5 and XO-1.75.
> Rosella: Geeze, need new glasses just to see what is going on! Tiny! I find
> those kissy lips at the bottom of the frame really disturbing. Uploaded a
> paint file fine to gdocs. Can open the image file and text file from google
> docs on browser with no issue. Record - Well that is a very tiny window!
> Created video on record and opened on jukebox, All good. Physics - Would be
> useful to have an ‘erase all’ button. Takes me forever to clear the canvas
> and of course can’t clear those outside of the screen which slow the
> activity significantly. But I don’t seem to get that odd behaviour at the
> top of the canvas reported in previous weeks. Turtle art seems ok. Measure -
> both channels are active - seems all right. Labryinth seems ok saved to pdf
> and png and could open -with read and image viewer -  did not try inserting
> stuff. Can’t shut down through right click
> Hoiho
> Memorize:
> Start as new. Change game to 6x6. Stop. Start from journal. Expect 6x6 game
> get 4x4 game.
> Record about 40 seconds of data from a variable resistor in Measure, the
> load it into simple graph. Strange slow loading of the graph, perhaps 2
> points per second. Is this intended or is it slow?

Any chance of getting a copy of the data file? Should be in the Journal...

> Had a keep while error recording data in Measure.

...unless it was the session that gave a keep error. Is the log file
available? (log files from older sessions are found in sub-directories
in ~/.sugar/default/logs)

> Loaded a 15kB file into simple graph and had it lock up. Eventually the data
> was displayed in the left hand column.
> Browse - works
> ivy:
> Browse, works but open in new window from the right click menu does nothing.
> Moa
> Browse still relucatant to open a google docs word processing document.
> Managed to get it to work on Ivy after 2 attempts, Moa failed every time,
> Rosella worked first time.
> Browse’s cutnpaste continues to be strange, with it not effecting the url
> bar. You have to use the right click menu to do that
> vmeta works after installing the gstreamer-plugins-marvell and
> libvmeta-mervell rpms. Are these rpms going to be part of the build or is
> there a license to be paid?
> whaawmp works well.
> Browse doesn’t really work on youtube, even when joining the html5 trial, as
> speculated last week, I think because webm is supported but not accelerated.
> I spent some time examining the gstreamer documentation and did not find
> anything useful regarding turning off one format so browse does not
> advertise support for webm.
> Jukebox does play h.264 video but badly, perhaps 1 frame per second. You
> have to change the file extension to .ogg instead of .mp4 even though the
> journal correctly identifies the .mp4 file as a video.
> totem does not play .mp4, failing with a segfault.
> Wikipedia-en has a lot of html source code visible. The page for Eduction
> contains a <div class=”rellink relarticle mainarticle”> below every heading.
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