fresh Gnash rpms for OLPC XO 1.75

Rob Savoye rob at
Mon Jan 23 19:44:27 EST 2012

On 01/23/12 15:17, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> Without ffmpeg, what is a good test of current gnash? What is a
> reasonable expectation of what it can deliver?

  I start with testing from source, ala "make check". The Gnash
testsuite requires many dependences, many of which are not available in
Fedora or rpmfusion. A short list is haxe, mtasc, swfmill, and swftools.
Then I test with a few SWF files, followed by going to YouTube to make
sure it works acceptably. Gnash has decent support for up to swf v9 with
AVM1, your mileage may vary...

> what's the right way of doing things? and what's a reasonable
> expectation of what a lightspark+gnash install can / cannot do? I
> didn't find a how-to nor a summary of the state of play...

  If Lightspark sees an AVM1 (swf versions 5-9), it hands those off to
Gnash. That's about all it does. I've looked into Gnash handing off AVM2
(swf v9+) content to Lightspark, but after conversation with the
Lightspark developers, that was abandoned as unworkable. We had another
ide for integration, but that would be alot of work, and nobody has
volunteered to do it. Lightspark uses LLVM and a pile of other stuff,
it's got a pretty big footprint. I haven't tried it on the ARM. It does
work with YouTube, but I believe support for generic SWF files is a work
in progress still.

	- rob -

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