XULRunner Version 1.9 Issue Reading Local Files With No Internet Connectivity

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Wed Jan 11 19:47:48 EST 2012

Can you explain what you need from XULRunner?
Is only display html content or you have a complete UI developed?


On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 9:37 PM, <anthony at evolutionindesignz.com> wrote:

> I am aware that the OLPC project is moving into Webkit for future
> projects. However, it is necessary to complete a current project on
> XULRunner.
> With the OLPC laptop disconnected from the Internet, I try to startup
> XULRunner and read local files using the browser tag like this:
>  <browser type="content" src="http://localhost/myfile.**html<http://localhost/myfile.html>"
> autoscroll="true" flex="1"/>
> With XULRunner 1.9, the screen remains blank, and the file is not loaded.
> I installed XULRunner 8.0 on the OLPC laptop. I am not able to replicate
> the problem with XULRunner version 8.0(that is, the application starts
> correctly and reads the local files as expected.)
> Given that XULRunner 8.0 may not be installed on the OLPC, are there any
> suggestions that I could use to get XULRunner 1.9 to read local files?
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