XO-3 Announcement?

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On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 6:40 PM, Alan Eliasen <eliasen at mindspring.com> wrote:
>   Does anyone have any comments about the XO-3 announcement here?

I'll leave it to OLPC to reply, but someone might want to point out to
glenn that there are more things to do with a computer than surf the
web and point out to Anon that 2+ million laptops in the hands of kids
is a bit more than "feel-good" "guilt-washing"...

And yes, it really can be powered by a crank.

Sugar is looking pretty sweet on the XO-3.0 too.


>   http://tinyurl.com/74vd7ec
>   I'd think that the smart people who are actually doing all the work
> here might have talked about it more!
>   I'm also curious about the power claims.  What is its power
> consumption and charging requirements?  Has it actually been
> demonstrated to be chargeable by "solar panels, hand cranks and other
> alternative power sources?"  Especially ones not requiring systems which
> cost many times more than the price of the laptop, nor require someone
> with the green skin color of the XO to crank.
>   What is the projected operating system and desktop manager?  What
> sort of educational software has been developed?  How much memory?  What
> kind of hard drive?  What power consumption?  Firmware?
>   Thanks!
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